Shanghai Pics

So the last post only actually had Beijing pics so here are the last ones from Shanghai!

Walking along the Bund with Yang!!  In the background, you can see the Oriental Pearl TV tower (the funny looking one on the left)  and the tall builing on the right with the hole in the top that sort of looks like a bottle opener is the one with the highest bar in the world where we had drinks!

This is the China Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo.  It is the last pavilion remaining at the expo site and will be turned into a museum at the end of May.

Inside the pavilion, this large mural of a famous Chinese painting is actually interactive and the characters in the picture move.

There is also a “ride” in the pavilion that shows you some of the Green initiatives they are planning for China.

Sitting at the worlds highest bar in that bottle opener building!

And that’s the building lit up at night!

That is all there is from our China trip!  Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting and I hope you enjoyed following us around China!


About domur2011

Emily and I are going to China for 3 weeks and you can follow us on our adventures!
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