Final Update!

So we are back in Canada – landed Friday night around 9:30pm.  Thought I’d put up some of the last pictures from our trip!  Some are from Beijing too!

We finished our trip in Shanghai where our friend Yang Fu from Ottawa met us!  She showed us around and we mainly did a lot of shopping and eating!  Perfect way to end our trip!

Temple of Heaven

Crowds getting out of the subway on May Day at Tian An Men Square

Guards at the Forbidden City

The very steep stairs on the Mutian Yu section of the Great Wall

Notice the brown-ish tinge to the sky?  That would be sand – it later rained sand on the Great Wall.

(For those of you who dont know, that’s the Olympic Stadium from the Beijing Olympics)

You can pretty much walk around wherever you want in the Birds Nest!

Across from the Birds Nest is the Water Cube – half of which has been turned into the “Happy Magic Water Cube”.  All the slides in here were manufactured in Canada!

There’s this one slide that you stand in a tube, on a platform and one the count of 3, the platform drops from under your feet!!  I’m pretty sure Emily and I were the only 2 people who went on the slide as the slide attendents were very excited that we were going on it.  Or because we were foreigners…

The Water Cube is AMAZING at night!!!!

Check out that air!


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Emily and I are going to China for 3 weeks and you can follow us on our adventures!
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